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Ain El Sokhna offers a wide range of real estate developments to choose from; you can easily find your perfect unit to spend an unforgettable vacation in El Sokhna

    El Sokhna is one of the most significant coastal areas in Egypt. It is distinguished with its close location to Cairo; only 55 Kilometers away from Suzie City. El Sokhna has become of great interest for many investors and businessmen from all over the world, due to its moderate weather all year long. That’s why many investors started their new projects over there, which open many work vacancies for much of the local and international manpower to come to the city. This great development in all fields and sectors has had its own effect on the real estate market in El Sokhna. However, El Sokhna makes a perfect holiday destination in both summer and winter. Many international and world-class hotels and resorts expand everywhere in El Sokhna, which give you a great opportunity to enjoy a wonderful holiday at suitable prices.
    Yet, this is not even the best thing about it; Ain El Sokhna has many Water-sulfur spots, which make it one of the greatest sandy beaches for medical tourism all over the world. 

    Properties for Sale in El Sokhna

    Ain El Sokhna offers a wide range of real estate developments to choose from; you can easily find your perfect unit to spend an unforgettable vacation in El Sokhna. Choose from:  apartments, duplexes, chalets, townhouses, and summer villas. It also offers a large number of world-class resorts including, Porto Sokhna, Stella Di Mare, Ein Hills, La Vista 6, Azha, The Groove, La Vista Ray, IL Monte Galala, and many others. 
    Porto El Sokhna

    Porto El Sokhna has a strategic location in Al Zaafarana, on the 48th kilometer, only 157 kilometers away from Cairo. Porto El Sokhna always offers great day-use deals that cater to family and friends needs for spending a great day together. It is considered one of the most common day-use destinations in The Red Sea Governorate; as it offers many luxurious features at reasonable prices. Moreover, Porto Sokhna features a number of world-class services and facilities including, Telefreak, Golf Courses, Swimming pools, Kids’ Area, Entertainment Activities, Fishing and Diving Spots, as well as the Olympic City. Buy a chalet in Porto El Sokhna at price ranging between EGP 600,000 and EGP 5,000,000.
    Azha, El Sokhna 

    Azha is one of the finest resorts in the Red Sea. It is located on the 34th kilometer on the Suez Road, close to Stella Di Mare. Azha El Sokhna is considered a high-end waterfront resort; it was designed to be one of the most luxurious destinations with the highest international standards. It offers a number of luxury features including, tranquil waters that are swimmable year-round, outdoor adventures and activities, spacious residential villas, modern designs and lifestyle, signature restaurants, serene spa and community centers, and a host of many exceptional amenities. Therefore, Azha brings a new vitality to the authentic lifestyle of a city resort living.
    Moreover, Azha features many other facilities including, artificial lakes for swimming, quality hotels, clubhouse, beach club, international commercial areas, hotel apartments, sports activities, and lavish landscapes. Pick a perfect chalet for sale in Azha El Sokhna at price ranging between EGP 800,000 and EGP 2,500,000.

    The Groove El Sokhna

    The Groove El Sokhna is located only 30 minutes away from the New Capital, which gives it a significant feature of having such a strategic location. Moreover, The Groove is only 45 minutes away from Cairo and only 50 minutes away from the American University in Cairo’s new campus. It is ideally positioned beside the biggest yacht marina and aqua park in Egypt; it’s only a walking distance away from the new Galala City.
    The Groove features a wide range of quality services and facilities including, 5-star hotel, shopping mall, clubhouse, different worldwide restaurants, golf car for internal transportation, and a 120 m wide marina for yachts and private boats. 
    The groove is considered one of the most superior entertainment hubs in the Red Sea; it assures welfare experience for all family members.  Find your dream chalet in The Groove El Sokhna at reasonable prices; ranging between EGP 1,300,000 and EGP 3,300,000.
    Ain Hills El Sokhna

    Ein Hills Resort is perfectly located in El Sokhna; only 129 km away from Cairo, only an hour – drive to El Sokhna’s most beautiful sanctuaries. Ein Hills is extending over 200 meters top; it is ideally overlooking the Red Sea view. The Ein Hills offers you and your family an exceptional holiday destination.
    As well as, it offers adversity of quality services and facilities including, clubhouse, man-made lagoons, commercial area, water activities, entertainment area, and private swimming pools. You can find many chalets for sale in Ain Hills El Sokhna at suitable prices ranging between EGP 1,000,000 and EGP 3,000,000.
    Make the Best of El Sokhna Resorts
    Ain Sokhna contains a number of world-class resorts and hotels, which have been developed to become wonderful destinations offering a great weekend experience! In no time, Al Ain El Sokhna managed to prove that it’s really one of the most sophisticated cities in Egypt. 



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