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  • Down Payment
  • Installment
    10 Years
  • Starting Price
    2,756,654 EGP
  • Delivery
    2021 / 2023


District: Mostakbl City

Sarai believes that diversity is the key to life. Diversity promotes curiosity, exploration and discovery - allowing people to pursue their dreams and explore new angles that propel them outwards. Sarai employs a new concept of living that believes in personalizing every person’s living experience for their own luxury. Whether you seek a nurturing home that acts as a hive for your growing family or you’re after a custom-tailored home layout that guarantees you your very own private haven and oasis; Sarai has what you’re looking for. Explore the unrivaled lifestyle of Sarai, where the rhythm of life is dictated by your choices and the pace is yours to set. Located directly on the Cairo-Suez road, Sarai offers a perfect mix of urban to suburban exposure with a wide variety of spaces and units ranging from apartments to S-villas/ Town Houses among others set amidst a sprawling lush green landscape.





Founded in 1959 as a public real estate company, Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD) is a leading real estate development company in Egypt and has been publicly traded on the Egyptian stock exchange since 1995. Initially MNHD was established with the primary objective of developing 40ml sqm of land in Nasr City as well as other nearby areas on the outskirts of Cairo. Since then, with a capable team of over 450 professionals, MNHD has developed mega projects and infrastructures across Egypt, serving the needs of thousands of middle-income Egyptians.


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Stand Alone Villa

Area Range:

174 : 438 sqm

Starting Price:

3,994,693 EGP

Delivery Date:


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Town house

Area Range:

150 : 165 sqm

Starting Price:

2,756,654 EGP

Delivery Date:


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